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Elizabeth May

"I am honoured to endorse an amazing candidate in  this snap election. Nicola Spurling, quite simply, rocks.

I first met Nicola in 2015 when she was collecting signatures to add gender identity and gender expression to the BC Human Rights Code and the Criminal Code of Canada. Since then, we've crossed paths at various Pride and political events. More recently, I've watched her navigate hateful attacks with grace and a focus on educating the public. Nicola is a strong LGBTQ2+ advocate. She exemplifies a commitment to Green values. She is committed to the BC Green Party's vision of a prosperous and environmentally conscious government with a focus on social equity.

Nicola believes in a just transition away from fossil fuel dependency with a goal of maintaining jobs for those affected. She supports the resource economy and wants to ensure it continues to thrive through sustainable practices. Education and childcare is incredibly important to Nicola. The BC NDP and BC Liberals have grossly underfunded education, fought teachers on class size and composition and failed to implement $10/day childcare. It's time to start investing much more in young people and the future of British Columbia. Part of social equity is ensuring everyone's fundamental needs are met. This means expanding medical coverage and transitioning to basic income. Reconciliation is essential. We can never achieve climate justice without a full commitment to truth and reconciliation. Nicola and the BC Greens know this very well!

I encourage you to vote for Nicola Spurling in Coquitlam-Maillardville. She will be a fantastic MLA and I can't wait to see her join Sonia Furstenau, Adam Olsen and many more Greens in the Legislature following this election."

- Elizabeth May - 
MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands & previous GPC leader

Amita Kuttner

"I am thrilled to support Nicola Spurling for MLA of Coquitlam-Maillardville. Nicola is a phenomenal and tenacious advocate and tireless worker. Her impact has already been significant. Electing her would mean having a strong representative in Victoria, and would go a long way to advancing justice and sustainability in BC."

- Amita Kuttner - 
Astrophysicist & GPC leadership candidate 

Andrew Macintosh

"The BC Green Party has clearly shown that they have the interests of all British Columbians at heart, especially since the beginning of this pandemic.  As a local business owner ensuring a thriving economy with social justice for all are paramount concerns for me.  As a parent, I want to ensure we are taking the necessary steps to ensure the world we leave for our children will be better than we found it.  I enthusiastically endorse Nicola Spurling for MLA of Coquitlam-Maillardville and encourage you to support her and the BC Green Party.  I am absolutely confident Nicola will make a great MLA and will truly stand up as the voice for the people if elected to Victoria."

- Andrew Macintosh -
Owner, The Highlands Group

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